English super star wears a watch by „Alexander Shorokhoff“

Paul Potts, the winner of the competition „Britain’s Talents“ of 2007, gave only 2 concerts in 2010 in Germany. One of them started in Alzenau, the home town of the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacturer

In front of the picturesque background of the old historical castle, the well-known tenor accompanied by a soprano and an impressing orchestra enchanted the audience of more than 3500 people. In a breathtaking atmosphere and the fascinating ambience of this place the exceptional artist took his audience to a “journey around the world of classical music”.

After the concert, a hand made „Alexander Shorokhoff“-watch was presented to Paul Potts by the mayor of the town, Mr. Walter Scharwies, and the watch producer, Mr. Alexander Shorokhov. The exceptional singer thanked and promised to wear this unique watch with pleasure and proud.