All roads lead to Istanbul...

Alzenau, March of 2013. The economy of Turkey is growing rapidly. In 2011, this country with a rate of growth of 8,5% was the country with the second fastest growing economy in the world, after China. In 2012, the trend was marginally attenuated. The watch market is also developing in Turkey. Not coincidentally, that the Swatch Group operates there since 2013 independently, without any importer on an 80-million-inhabitants market.
In early March 2013, Alexander Shorokhov has travelled to Istanbul in order to hold the initial discussions with potential partners. "The Turkish market has surprised us not only with his vivacity, his wealth of colours and facets, his customer-friendliness, but also with a high level of professionalism," Alexander Shorokhov reports enthusiastically. "We have made very constructive conversations, which we will intensify certainly, in Basle. Already in 2012, the cosmopolitan designer Alexander Shorokhov, inspired by this fascinating city and the rapidly growing economy of Turkey, created the watch "Byzantium".

The name brings us back to the foundation of the city by Dorian Greeks on the European shore of the Bosporus, in 660 BC. So began the rich history of this fascinating city, which unites, nowadays, as the only one metropolis in the world, the European and Asian continents and we know it as Istanbul. The city brings the Greek and Roman heritage together, combines Ottoman splendour and rich ornamental decorations of the Arabian tradition and transmits it in a young Turkish culture. Creating the watch “Byzantium" Alexander Shorokhov was taking up this variety.

HERE you can find more information about "Byzantium" watch.