Exciting and rousing start into 2013!

Dear watch lovers,

what an exciting and rousing start into 2013!

In this year, we will surprise you by a lot of new creations of the “AVANTGARDE“ watch line:  “Babylonian“, “Yellomatic“ and “Circles – 242-R“-  these are the most auspicious model names. This time, we have been inspired by ancient civilizations and modern schools of art and the result are some fantastic new watch models with exciting new design.

As usual, the focus will be on the avant-garde design in combination with prime craftsmanship.
We have also created a new movement module featuring interesting additional functions. We are looking for presenting you this forthcoming module, soon.

We wish you a fantastic beginning of the new year. Let’s be inspired by a new fresh commencement and follow us on our way to reveal things in a different light and to become open for creative and spontaneous decisions.

Your  team of “Alexander Shorokhoff“