Munichtime 2013 – “Miss Avantgarde” in the centre of attention at our booth

It was very obvious which model was the most demanded by the visitors of the exhibition in the hotel “Bayerischer Hof”: 70 % of all requests were meant for the “Miss Avantgarde”.

A lot of people have seen this model in the catalogues, at somebodies wrist or in window displays and now, they wished to see and touch it by themselves. This year, our focal point was directed to the presentation of the AVANTGARDE-collection in Munich. This had a favourable effect to the decoration of our booth, too. The huge picture with a drawing of our new indication ring of week-days – as it is planned for 2014 – showed a perfect synthesis between pop art and cubism. At the same time, it was a confirmation of our singularity: the application of modern art in the watch design of the AVANTGARDE-collection as an unequalled artifice.

Here are some clear reactions of the visitors: “Your watches are very special. I am watching your brand for quite some time. You are on the right way. Your watches have got their own “language“…- it was the tenor of most statements.The watch exhibition has given proof of one fact: our manufacturer has found a guaranteed place among the large and wide-ranging supply of high-quality luxury watches

Here are some Photos...