Barbara Dennerlein –the new “ambassador” of the brand “Alexander Shorokhoff”

"Queen of Hammond", so people are calling the famous Munich jazz musician Barbara Dennerlein.

Thanks to her music, the Hammond organ B3 is considered back –it underwent a revival. Who has once heard and seen Barbara Dennerlein on Hammond organknows whatmeans avant-garde in jazz. And she's an avowed fan of the Alexander Shorokhoff AVANTGARDE-collection.

Avant-garde - this is an issue, the musician as the watch designer Alexander Shorokhov is fascinated with, and both are realising in their own way. Alexander Shorokhov has broken new ground in the luxury watch sector with the application of European modernism to the watch design. Therefore, the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacturerbecame a synonym for avant-garde design in the watch industry.
We are looking forward to join actions with the impressive artist.

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