• Manufaktur-Boutique - komplizierte Arbeitsprozesse
  • Manufaktur-Boutique - komplizierte Arbeitsprozesse

Important information

Welcome to the boutique of the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacturer. Here you can get an exclusive range of selected watches, which would be offered by Mr Shorokhov, to all watch connoisseurs, for purchase. These watches cannot be purchased in specialized shops or jewelleries because of their small exclusive edition. 

The collection of our boutique consists of all unique pieces in limited edition. Besides the distinctive design the mechanical movements of these watch models are something special, too. Nowadays, they are no longer produced and there exist only a small number of them in the world.


I am glad to offer you watches featuring the rare „Vintage“-movement. These movements have been completely re-worked and restored in our manufacturer passing through a complicate amendment process. Some of the parts have been newly produced; others needed to be re-modelled, step by step.  The cases, dials and hands have been made separately.

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